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Winter Foot Care Tips

Cold weather can take its toll on your feet so make sure they are the centre of attention this winter.

When you think about how much time we spend on our feet, it is hardly surprising that winter and a night out can leave them feeling battered and bruised.


Most of us are guilty of neglecting our feet and often gaze at them in dismay when we take off our socks. We are especially prone to letting our foot care routine lapse during the cold winter months when we just want to bundle them up in fluffy socks and big boots.


Karen Challinor is a hpc-registered chiropodist/podiatrist. She said: "The big thing about winter is that people go from a summer sandal to a more enclosed shoe and the biggest problem people face is that their shoes do not always fit properly.


"It is more important that you have a good, sensible fit for your everyday shoes than for outdoor shoes.

"If you have a correctly fitting everyday shoe, then you have fewer problems with your feet and toes."


Karen, who has been qualified for 10 years, recommends that the same pair of shoes is not worn every day.

"It is a good idea to vary shoes and have your feet measured properly once a year. "Feet change and it is amazing how many people are wearing the wrong-sized shoes."


As far as she is concerned, the most common problems in winter are dry and cracked skin and chilblains. The answer is to moisturise. Karen says it should be done at least once a day using a good quality cream.

It doesn't have to be a cream specifically designed for feet and Karen recommends keeping a pot by the bed and doing it at night.

"Some people put socks on afterwards so the cream doesn't go on the bed and because it makes it easier for the cream to be absorbed,"

she said. "There is nothing wrong with wearing socks at night for whatever reason, as long as they are clean ones."


The most important thing to remember in foot care is to maintain a steady temperature and not expose your feet to extreme heat or cold.

"If you are going outside in the winter, even if it is just to put something in the dustbin, make sure you have shoes and socks on," said Karen.

It is also important to only put on dry footwear.

"If you have been out in the rain or snow and your shoes are wet, make sure they are dried properly before you wear them again." she said.


And lastly, she recommends adding a chiropodist to your address book.

She advises visiting a chiropodist as often as you do-or should do - the dentist, not just as a one-off.

"The most important thing to do is to maintain your foot care. If you visit someone and they get your feet into shape, then you need to maintain their condition," she said.