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Holiday Footware Advice

Most people agree school shoes should be fitted properly. But what about the rest of the year? School holidays don’t mean time off for growing feet!



Summer can be a tough time for feet. They sweat more during hot weather (up to a quarter of a pint per day!) and without shoes that allow feet to breathe properly, this can cause real problems like athlete’s foot or even prickly heat. In addition, little feet can swell making properly fitted shoes with growth room even more important.



Summer sandals need to be chosen carefully too. Non-breathable materials (like the plastics used in some sandals and “jellies”) can cause irritation on young delicate skin when the weather is warm. The right size is important as well, even for open sandals as shoes that are too long can cause tripping and too short leaves little toes vulnerable. What’s more feet unprotected by socks are even more vulnerable to blisters from ill-fitting shoes or sandals. Make sure too that sandals either come in a choice of widths or have adjustable fastenings across the front of the foot.